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Good for your gut

Quality Nutritional supplements for digestive health

Trivas offer high quality nutritional supplements, specifically engineered to support the optimum functioning of the digestive system.

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Probiotic superfoods

Complete support for digestion, wellness and immunity

Take control of your digestive health with our probiotic superfood blend. Specifically formulated for sufferers of digestive disorders, this daily wellness shake contains a synergistic combination of organic superfoods, key probiotics, vitamins and minerals, alongside some of nature’s most powerful digestive aids.

Advanced digestive complex


Kick-start your digestion with our Advanced Digestive Complex. Taken shortly before meals, this powerful formula assists in the breakdown and assimilation of key nutrients, to provide support and relief to those suffering from acid reflux, gas and bloating.


Our Difference


We are the first luxury wellness brand to make digestion our number 1 priority. Our high-quality supplements are designed to address the root cause of digestive disorders, not simply to mask the symptoms.


We blend science and functional medicine to deliver powerful solutions. This means working with clinically proven ingredients, alongside more traditional Ayurvedic principles.


Trivas is more than just a supplement company. Through our blog and monthly newsletters, customers have access to an ongoing support network with expert advice, useful recipes and powerful lifestyle strategies.

Food First

We believe that food is the most powerful medicine on the planet. That’s why all of our supplements are food-based, with no nasty chemicals or harmful additives.


Our ingredients are responsibly sourced from around the world and our packaging is 99% recyclable. We’re working on the other 1%.


Our products are free from toxic preservatives, artificial colourings, flavours and sweeteners. We use organic ingredients wherever possible and all of our supplements are gluten-free, dairy-free and cruelty-free.

Trivas advanced digestion

Start your journey to a balanced digestive system

We believe that good health starts with good digestion. To be strong, active and healthy, proper nutrition is essential, but even when you have the right ingredients, poor digestion can lead to sub-standard results. Whether that’s a lack of concentration at work, slow progress in the gym, or debilitating digestive disorders such as IBS and acid reflux.

At Trivas we understand the importance of complete digestion. Our range of research-driven nutritional supplements is designed to naturally and effectively restore the proper functioning of the digestive system, allowing you to function at peak capacity.

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